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Posted by Matthew Radford on

Hey all, today Matt and I are at the Everett Mall doing a vendor pop-up with the crafty B's. Yesterday Matt volunteered to dress up as a bee to promote the event. Such a sweet, honey of a guy. LOL

In the coming weeks our in person appearances will be coming to a close for the summer. And our store hours will be changing as well. Watch Google maps for the latest information on hours of operation. 

For the rest of September we will be at the Monroe Farmersarket on Wednesdays. The Sultan Farmers Market on Saturdays (through October 1st) and the 24th and 25th we are hosting our monthly open house event. Where you can see all of our products and the products of the twelve additional vendors we carry products for in our shop. 

We've got big things in the works for November and December so watch for updates.  






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  • I cant wait to come by and check you guys out.. ive have been in your area for many years had no idea such a cool shop like yours was in sultan.. your prices are crazy cheap christmas shopping early..

    Mike wallace on

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