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Greeting, I should probably back up a little and tell you more about Matt. He is the reason we are all here after all, you reading, me writing. 


You see, Matt was a supervisor at a metal warehouse. He had a lot of responsibility and a tremendous amount of stress related to that responsibility. To ease the stress he bought a rock tumbler, then two, then three and on. I think he is on the fifth one now! He loved it- obviously. Soon tumbling wasn't enough he wanted to cut rocks too. So he bought a tile saw, and quickly discovered how dangerous those are and bought a BIG saw (and a few others, but I've lost count after all the tumblers). His passion just kept expanding until he decided to open a rock shop.  

We are not a fancy crystal shop. We have dusty shelves because the items we sell are in the same room with our machinery. We make a lot of what we sell. Matt is still working to prefect his tumbling skills, each stone, rock, mineral- whatever your preferred term is, is different. 

If you need anything cut (baseball size to cantaloupe size) give us a call. The first cut is free. Then he charges by the hour. I will post that at a later time. 

I am Kristi, his wife. I am in charge of all things technical, financial and pretty much anything not having to do with cutting and polishing. Except Instagram that is all Matt. Unfortunately I'm responsible for the terrible product descriptions 🥴 truly sorry, I'm working on getting better. 

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