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Hello, when Matt and I are out at craft fairs and farmers markets we get asked where we get our products. Since you are shopping on our website and not really able to ask with an instant response I thought I should post it here. 


Matt and I get the majority of our products from Wholesalers located in Arizona, whom get their products straight from the mines. Two such businesses we use in Tucson are "From The Mines", and "Norcross Madagascar". We also purchase from Gem World and smaller vendors in Quartzite Arizona. 

We have several vendors in Oregon for rough rock and thunder eggs. "Richardson's Rock Ranch," and "Quant Rock Shop". If you haven't been to Richardson's you are missing out on an awe inspiring shopping experience. 

We do use a few online wholesalers and Matt has a contact in China that he uses for special orders. 

Please feel free to send us a direct message if you have more questions! 

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